AlphaTauri Reveal Their 2021 Car: The AT02

Pubblicato il 19 feb 2021
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The Italian underdogs reveal their 2021 competitor, the AT02 alongside their newest driver addition Yuki Tsunoda and race winner Pierre Gasly.
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  • LtGenWadeWilson


    4 ore fa

    Would of loved to have seen Hubert partner up with Gasley

  • nathan slabbinck

    nathan slabbinck

    Giorno fa

    That little kid that Gasly brought with him seems quite nice, hope he once makes it into Formula 1

  • Javid Murtuzov

    Javid Murtuzov

    4 giorni fa

    Yuki has small hands

  • #sv5


    6 giorni fa

    Pierre is a great driver but why tsnoda he is awful if alex wasn't allowed a red bull he should have had a seat in alpha tauri

  • Tugdual Favre

    Tugdual Favre

    7 giorni fa

    I doesn't like it as much as the last one but it's pretty decent

  • Jeremy LeValley

    Jeremy LeValley

    7 giorni fa

    Does Yuki play league of legends? 😉

  • Mark Shortland

    Mark Shortland

    7 giorni fa

    Is yuki a girl?

  • TheCanadianBubba


    7 giorni fa

    Best of success to the team !

  • Jacob B

    Jacob B

    7 giorni fa

    I like it!
    The blocky colouring makes it look more like a 90's car

  • Ryan O'Keefe

    Ryan O'Keefe

    7 giorni fa

    1:27 - All I can think about is the poor sound guy that has to hold the mic with his hands above his head the whole time they're filming. That doesn't seem like an ideal job.

  • MaxCam35mm


    7 giorni fa

    The next engine name: HondaBullShit.

  • Tio Léo

    Tio Léo

    7 giorni fa

    UAU 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Nibba Skittle

    Nibba Skittle

    7 giorni fa

    Guys it has been 14 years since ferrari won a drivers WDC

  • V0dkaLemon


    7 giorni fa

    So Levi joined f1 this year

  • Jasonz W

    Jasonz W

    7 giorni fa


  • stevejh69


    7 giorni fa

    What a waste of a drive Yuki Tsunda is going to be! Get a driver that can make a difference, not just buy a seat!

  • aldrin de jesus

    aldrin de jesus

    7 giorni fa

    2:12 👀 😂

  • Mikhail Fong

    Mikhail Fong

    8 giorni fa

    Yuki... Did you put on weight since Abu Dhabi tests? You looked chubby.

  • Fernando Lopes

    Fernando Lopes

    8 giorni fa

    Go for it guys! A very strong team. My favorite one. Building the future, now! Go fast!

  • Drew Campbell

    Drew Campbell

    8 giorni fa

    can't wait to see Gasly shine for another amazing season

  • foxpon105


    8 giorni fa

    Come on Gasly! Get us some podiums!

  • Chuckiele


    8 giorni fa

    Wait a second, thats not the final design, is it? That floor doesnt look legal for the new regulations.

  • Walid Adjerid

    Walid Adjerid

    8 giorni fa


  • Walid Adjerid

    Walid Adjerid

    8 giorni fa


  • Walid Adjerid

    Walid Adjerid

    8 giorni fa


  • Walid Adjerid

    Walid Adjerid

    8 giorni fa


  • Emmanuel Torres

    Emmanuel Torres

    8 giorni fa


  • цг цglч мом

    цг цglч мом

    8 giorni fa

    Why does alpha tauri always have a really pretty delivery?

  • Colin Bremner

    Colin Bremner

    8 giorni fa

    yuki looks like a teenager , a young 1 at that.

  • Jasonic Multiverse

    Jasonic Multiverse

    8 giorni fa

    Tsunoda 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Alpha Tauri take a baby and abandoned Albon ! 🤔🤔 What's wrong with Alpha Tauri !! they become shity like Red Bull now !

  • Kayden Addley

    Kayden Addley

    8 giorni fa

    That car is amazing

  • Zezya


    8 giorni fa

    Am I the only who likes prev year car more?

  • Ahmed Naveel

    Ahmed Naveel

    8 giorni fa

    Throwback: Gasly in a AT beat Lewis in a Silver Arrow in drag race to finish line. Nerves!

  • DaxXx988


    8 giorni fa

    Masks are not important anymore?

  • xof49


    8 giorni fa


  • Chaitanya Rao

    Chaitanya Rao

    8 giorni fa

    Yuki is so smol

  • Rudedog


    9 giorni fa

    Who are these guys trying to fool. The only thing that could make this thing look worse is if they had used black instead of navy blue.
    Nice white rims, they remind me of the white wheels everybody in the U.S. was putting on their pick up trucks in the 1970's

  • abc xyz

    abc xyz

    9 giorni fa

    Gasly's fashion though 👀

  • valentino lettieri

    valentino lettieri

    9 giorni fa

    How old is Yuki? 13?

  • Engineered Insanity

    Engineered Insanity

    9 giorni fa

    Hopefully we see Pierre on the Podium again!

  • Nanuan


    9 giorni fa

    2:51 consitency is something to strive for

  • Nanuan


    9 giorni fa

    0:47 Rich Energy taking notes

    • non so cosa fare

      non so cosa fare

      9 giorni fa


  • Crusard Modding

    Crusard Modding

    9 giorni fa

    Last year's car was white and blue. This year's car is blue and white.

  • Max Allen

    Max Allen

    9 giorni fa

    I hope they beat red bull

  • Javier Robinson Crusoe

    Javier Robinson Crusoe

    9 giorni fa

    Gasly still looks dissapointed by being there instead RedBull.

  • Irene_Bae 아이린 내 아내

    Irene_Bae 아이린 내 아내

    9 giorni fa

    AT1 OR AT2 ??

  • CareXobe


    9 giorni fa

    Did Franz Tost really read everything?

  • furkan Bulut

    furkan Bulut

    9 giorni fa


  • Cream On My Memes

    Cream On My Memes

    9 giorni fa

    Would love to see Gasly grab another podium this season.

  • Bowie Jeffries

    Bowie Jeffries

    9 giorni fa

    I have a feeling this car will look legit awesome under the Singapore lights.

  • Daud Yaqoob

    Daud Yaqoob

    9 giorni fa

    Japanese driver look like BABY FACE

  • H Mat

    H Mat

    9 giorni fa

    Yuki is such a doll. Both literally and figuratively.

  • Bice Ali

    Bice Ali

    9 giorni fa

    Galsy for AT, is becoming like a Lewis for Mercedes... Grande compa, grande.



    9 giorni fa

    go Alfa Tauri

  • Hanna Hackner

    Hanna Hackner

    9 giorni fa

    yuki seemed to have already improved his english like for reeeeal, proud of him!

  • RH


    9 giorni fa

    Really pretty!!

  • Yousuf Rizwan.grade9E

    Yousuf Rizwan.grade9E

    9 giorni fa

    Yuki Tsnoda = small boy

  • Lord Dervish

    Lord Dervish

    9 giorni fa

    Без Квята, Альфа уже не та....

  • Jayqo


    9 giorni fa

    Man and son get BTs seats for a car Reveal

  • Coby lamb

    Coby lamb

    9 giorni fa

    Formula 1 x the crew 2: the proto mark x

  • underscore37


    9 giorni fa

    mclaren launch is more hyped

  • Zohair Siddiqui

    Zohair Siddiqui

    9 giorni fa

    I love how Franz Tost oozes so much confidence! I genuinely hope they end 2021 on a high.

  • eudofia


    9 giorni fa

    Yuki has such a baby face.

  • Wakko Warner

    Wakko Warner

    9 giorni fa

    Did any one notice 2:57 he said Zonda

  • Shane Molloy

    Shane Molloy

    9 giorni fa

    Honda! What are you doing, come on and stayyyyyy. What a gorgeous racing car. The Honda logos look so awesome in that livery. Whyyyyy oh Whyyyyy? !?!?!?!?!

  • Sebastian Budde

    Sebastian Budde

    9 giorni fa

    Not to mention the video work here. This visual work looks so aesthetic and cool. Gives a great feeling for the brand. Awesome job of the videographer!

  • David Harrison

    David Harrison

    9 giorni fa

    Reminds me of the Williams in the 2000s

  • GeoMetall yt

    GeoMetall yt

    9 giorni fa

    Looks better than the McLaren

  • dinesh sharma

    dinesh sharma

    9 giorni fa

    Tsunoda will need a child seat over his actual seat , so that he can atleast see something more than the cockpit and Halo

  • Aarya Kshirsagar

    Aarya Kshirsagar

    9 giorni fa

    1:20 engineer-car is very fast, faster than last year. Tost-I don't trust them, I want to see the lap time 😆

  • Ivan GuitarVids

    Ivan GuitarVids

    9 giorni fa

    I feel so happy when I see Yuki’s face. I’m pretty sure that he can be te rookie of the year

  • senna ayrton

    senna ayrton

    9 giorni fa

    It's so beautiful.
    Italian culture make car stunning.

  • Stephen Miles

    Stephen Miles

    9 giorni fa

    Why does Yuki’s head look puffy (like he’s been on a course of corticosteroids)? He doesn’t look like that usually.

  • Thiago Milioli

    Thiago Milioli

    9 giorni fa

    Wow it looks the same

  • Nick Ben

    Nick Ben

    9 giorni fa

    0:26 his hands expression says it all

  • Tom Bystander

    Tom Bystander

    9 giorni fa

    Goodluck yuki-kun. And to the race winner pierre!

  • 9ゴッチャン


    9 giorni fa


  • 881Gino


    10 giorni fa

    Great looking car and fantastic attitude for both young drivers!
    Go get ‘em Pierre!

  • The D·P

    The D·P

    10 giorni fa

    Let:s hope they will be the Worldchampions of This year ☸️ Somehow Car look very nice Better than last year

  • ZedNinetySix


    10 giorni fa

    Would love to see Alpha Tauri smoke the Red Bulls in 2022

  • Izzat Afif

    Izzat Afif

    10 giorni fa

    2:27 show them for those idiot who keep saying f1 isn't a sport

  • James W

    James W

    10 giorni fa

    I always wonder. Is anyone a fan of alpha tauri? I mean, you might as well be for Red bull right? Well, in any case, let's go mclaren!

  • [NLC] i11nerd

    [NLC] i11nerd

    10 giorni fa

    No usless masks NICE!!

  • Quetzall


    10 giorni fa

    Crazy extreme training the neck to tolerate the G force of the F1 car.

  • Jacob Rogers

    Jacob Rogers

    10 giorni fa

    I was a little disappointed to see Yuki get the seat over someone more experienced but after seeing a little of him I really hope he and Pierre do fantastic this year. Seems like two guy that put results over words.

  • JUZ Aviewer

    JUZ Aviewer

    10 giorni fa

    Later during F1 race, anyone passes Yuki...
    Yuki: Omae wa mou Shindeiru

  • Christopher Woods

    Christopher Woods

    10 giorni fa

    Get rid of the naff clothes in the background, the car will look even better.

  • dogog


    10 giorni fa

    they done really went and pressed 'align to top' this time

  • Santiago Costa

    Santiago Costa

    10 giorni fa

    Clan Uchiha has infiltrated in Alpha Tauri

  • 虎ちゃん


    10 giorni fa

    At least it doesn't look like last year rb

  • CSR Bullet

    CSR Bullet

    10 giorni fa

    White wheels 👌👍



    10 giorni fa

    Is this red bull?

  • Thudnir


    10 giorni fa

    McLaren fan, but AT has the best looking livery

  • Mario Rossi

    Mario Rossi

    10 giorni fa

    dovevano rivoluzionare la f1 sono uguali all'anno scorso

  • Alex Galvis

    Alex Galvis

    10 giorni fa

    mas carne fresca para el leon mercedez.

    more fresh meet for the lion mercedez

  • Mixeddrinks


    10 giorni fa

    Tost: I don't trust engineers. hahahha

  • Diego Anaya

    Diego Anaya

    10 giorni fa

    It looks like the BMW Williams 🤔

  • Renata Tostada

    Renata Tostada

    10 giorni fa

    my only gripe is the red lettering on the "Honda" branding. it really sticks out in a bad way. there was probably a better color choice for that imo. otherwise it looks nice

  • Nuffy


    10 giorni fa

    sorta looks like the Williams/Toyota cars, which imo looked amazin

  • Remus


    10 giorni fa