F2: Chasing The Dream, Season 2 | Official Trailer

Pubblicato il 1 feb 2021
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F2: Chasing The Dream is back for a second season - available exclusively on F1 TV for global Access and Pro subscribers! From the pains, and the pros, of living up to a famous name - in the case of drivers like Pedro Piquet, Giuliano Alesi and eventual 2020 champion Mick Schumacher - to the constant pressure of trying to impress F1’s kingmakers and take that ultimate step up the single-seater ladder, the six episodes of F2: Chasing The Dream lift the curtain on what it’s really like to race in one of the world’s most hotly-contested motorsport series.
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  • Willames Santos

    Willames Santos

    21 giorno fa

    Vamo lá drugo,você agora tem um carro de verdade

  • Haadiyah Mulla

    Haadiyah Mulla

    22 giorni fa

    Guess I’m gonna watch this whilst I wait for drive to survive s3 to be released

  • DutchTrains


    23 giorni fa

    Why only f1tv :(

  • 田中穣


    23 giorni fa


  • Theisen FLoRIAN

    Theisen FLoRIAN

    24 giorni fa

    F2: 2 Masked 2 furious

  • M D

    M D

    24 giorni fa

    Stop region locking your content. This greed has to end. You are not showing full races etc that would break or infringe on media channels etc.

  • Iñaki Aitor

    Iñaki Aitor

    25 giorni fa

    Where Could I see the seasons?

  • Mauro Giordano

    Mauro Giordano

    25 giorni fa

    We want it to be on Netflix PLEASE

  • Gugl Hupf

    Gugl Hupf

    25 giorni fa

    wie langweilig wird F1 2022 !!
    also 2021 geht sie mir sicher nicht ab

  • Sagnik Pradhan

    Sagnik Pradhan

    26 giorni fa

    Drive to survive: Season W?

  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

    26 giorni fa

    Just prepare some tissue if you watch the Episode 4 of the series.

  • M. Long

    M. Long

    26 giorni fa

    Just bring a tv native app for f1tv please!

  • da gaming gamer

    da gaming gamer

    26 giorni fa

    Is this on Netflix?

  • Yu Wong

    Yu Wong

    26 giorni fa

    After watching it just makes me wonder why tf nikita mazepin get his seat.

  • szewei1985


    26 giorni fa

    Haha wonderful.

  • haris a.n.

    haris a.n.

    27 giorni fa

    F1 : It's lights out and away we go
    F2 : We're on the way

  • Rafael Cárdenas

    Rafael Cárdenas

    27 giorni fa

    ¡Vamos Juan Manuel Correa!

  • JB3 _Hyrule

    JB3 _Hyrule

    27 giorni fa

    Did a F2 app exsist?

  • Roni Ihalainen

    Roni Ihalainen

    27 giorni fa

    Where f1

  • K3nt


    27 giorni fa

    netflix its so slow

  • Kushagra Chaturvedy

    Kushagra Chaturvedy

    27 giorni fa

    0:41 That is such a poetic moment

  • Panic At The Tesco

    Panic At The Tesco

    27 giorni fa

    My heart bleeds for those poor F2 drivers who don't get an F1 lifestyle. Spoilt brats, I'm sure your sponsors give you a nice life, better than the working class who break their backs every day working for the companies who's stickers are on your helmets.

  • ShearEmotion


    27 giorni fa

    Who do you think will win the championship?

  • Mário P

    Mário P

    27 giorni fa

    There's nothing yet.

  • fred banda

    fred banda

    27 giorni fa

    Great video 🔥

  • Vyas Ponnuri

    Vyas Ponnuri

    27 giorni fa

    I'm just hoping Daruvala comes in the top 3 this season, I can see that AT seat getting vacant if Gasly moves to Alpine for 2022

  • Zidane Ivaione Viegas Neto

    Zidane Ivaione Viegas Neto

    27 giorni fa

    I cant wait for f2 chasing the dream full season 2020, 2019 was absolutely brilliant and oh im sure 2020 is EVEN BETTER

  • Boom Jonggol

    Boom Jonggol

    27 giorni fa

    The trailer has not much mention of Mazepin. I like where this is going.

  • Lander Salvador

    Lander Salvador

    27 giorni fa

    0:06 looking to 1 or 2 seats in Formula 1
    2021: It’s three, actually

  • Harold2020


    27 giorni fa

    ''We have all the best drivers from the junior categories looking on to get maybe 1 or 2 seats in f1"
    but you had lord Raghunathan in the championship in 2019 🤷

  • Klausi Adlberger

    Klausi Adlberger

    27 giorni fa

    In Germany there is no longer F1 Tv only Sky. Is it in Sky

  • Uzair Afzal

    Uzair Afzal

    27 giorni fa

    They should put this on Netflix

  • chlo's edits

    chlo's edits

    27 giorni fa


  • AS19


    27 giorni fa

    Glorious! Binged the series yesterday, and it’s definitely worth checking out!



    27 giorni fa

    Why this is not on Netflix? This must be there with Drive to Survive

  • Shalem Jackson

    Shalem Jackson

    27 giorni fa

    F1: Chasing the Dream, Exclusively on F1 TV
    Pirate Guys: Nope!

  • Jake Archibald

    Jake Archibald

    27 giorni fa

    I hope this is better than S1. S1 felt like a pedestrian highlights package that lacked the emotion of the season. The Anthoine 😢 episode was the exception.
    Hopefully S2 weaves together a better story, and brings out the personality and backstory of the drivers and teams (like DTS does). This seems even more important for F2 than F1, since F1 teams and drivers already get a lot of exposure.

  • Jordan Melton

    Jordan Melton

    27 giorni fa

    One problem... no one has f1 tv

  • Mr RoyalGard

    Mr RoyalGard

    27 giorni fa

    i will wait for F1, F2 is just not my thing :D

  • Gabriel F1

    Gabriel F1

    27 giorni fa

    Why should I get F1 TV when they don't even show the live races in Germany? 🙄😱

  • PeterC Videos

    PeterC Videos

    27 giorni fa

    & how is this not on Netflix

  • Satyajeet Patil

    Satyajeet Patil

    27 giorni fa

    D2S S3 pls

  • Porzickj Michael

    Porzickj Michael

    27 giorni fa

    we wish it will be also available in netflix

  • Marcus Spiva

    Marcus Spiva

    28 giorni fa

    I kinda had a feeling something like this would drop

  • Leonardo Olivier

    Leonardo Olivier

    28 giorni fa


  • Ethan Magdaleno

    Ethan Magdaleno

    28 giorni fa

    So excited to see Tsunoda in that AT

  • Luc Williams

    Luc Williams

    28 giorni fa

    Wonder if they will talk about mazipan

    • FunGamers


      27 giorni fa

      Yes they will

  • Sadisticsalmon


    28 giorni fa

    Great... it’s on F1TV, a service that is virtually useless where I live because it has existing deals with media companies.

  • Bullet Time

    Bullet Time

    28 giorni fa

    1:01 didn't palmer cut you already?

  • Jian Wong

    Jian Wong

    28 giorni fa

    It was better if it was on netflix



    28 giorni fa

    When is the first F2 race?

  • Wahyu Ramadhan

    Wahyu Ramadhan

    28 giorni fa

    my prediction : 2021 f2 winner is robert shwartzman

    • Просто Игрок

      Просто Игрок

      27 giorni fa

      maybe but Robert needs to improve his qualifications, he has never been on pole in 2020. + Drugovich, Tiktum, Daruvala, Armstrong, Lundgaard, Poursher, and Piastri will make Robert sweat



    28 giorni fa

    Wow makes me want to bake cookies and binge watch this show! It's SPICY!

  • Curtis Tang

    Curtis Tang

    28 giorni fa

    Netflix: *Wait, thats illegal*

  • Girija The Saviour

    Girija The Saviour

    28 giorni fa

    Where is Dharuvala. Why do you guys keep overlooking him.

  • Jacob _N_R_Z

    Jacob _N_R_Z

    28 giorni fa

    It would be nice if you put the series on netflix F1

  • Mike Official

    Mike Official

    28 giorni fa

    Why it is not on Netflix?

  • Koekigamer


    28 giorni fa

    Now hope for Survive To Drive 😂😂

  • Joshua Fancher

    Joshua Fancher

    28 giorni fa

    Can you say hype???🤩



    28 giorni fa

    All that buildup at the start and you show a rooster

  • fadi gh

    fadi gh

    28 giorni fa

    when i saw the thumbnail i thought it's ma boy Raghunathan back to the scene

  • Mallu Moto Vlog

    Mallu Moto Vlog

    28 giorni fa

    is it coming to netflix at all?

  • SteamyEngine


    28 giorni fa

    Started watching it ! Thanks its better than drive to survive for me

  • Elizabeth Del castillo

    Elizabeth Del castillo

    28 giorni fa

    As a 14 year old who’s a big fan of F1... I really want to get to F1 myself... but since this sport is VERY expensive and my parents are lower class and don’t own some stock on a company or something... I guess i’ll stick onto Swimming...

  • Le-WiiSs


    28 giorni fa

    I wish my dad had make me go karting from an early age

  • I forgot My Name

    I forgot My Name

    28 giorni fa

    F1 podium: drinking
    F2 podium: touching feet

  • Nedim Mehmedovic

    Nedim Mehmedovic

    28 giorni fa

    F2 2021 is gonna be so lit. Deledda will create fireworks xD

  • ALEX-318


    28 giorni fa

    I wish be there :(

  • FCP Euro

    FCP Euro

    28 giorni fa

    Reminiscent of the drama and plot twist driven racing our company has when we go karting after work... just there is no F1 seat at the end of a glorious weeknight victory. If we're lucky someone will buy the winner a drink though. Looking forward to Season 2!

  • Max Braf

    Max Braf

    28 giorni fa

    Where tf is drive to survive season 3 I NEED IT

  • Ronan Doyle F1

    Ronan Doyle F1

    28 giorni fa

    We have all the best junior drivers*
    Bar delleda

  • Zhang David

    Zhang David

    28 giorni fa

    The best driver out of all of the best drivers in the junior categories:… Mahaveer

  • random meme

    random meme

    28 giorni fa

    This really needs to get on netflix

  • Jose Traviesa

    Jose Traviesa

    28 giorni fa

    I LOVE F1, but F2 is more exciting!

  • Doolittle


    28 giorni fa

    Will that be available anywhere else than F1TV in time?

  • Mufc Racer

    Mufc Racer

    28 giorni fa

    F2 is amazing to watch sometimes better than f1 races

  • Daniel Morgan

    Daniel Morgan

    28 giorni fa

    Why is it not on sky?

  • Peter Weer

    Peter Weer

    28 giorni fa


  • Stoic Spawn

    Stoic Spawn

    28 giorni fa

    He means, all the richest boys in the world.

  • Welshu


    28 giorni fa

    Getting flashbacks to the heartbreak of a season 1

  • Thomas Angelo

    Thomas Angelo

    28 giorni fa

    Drive to survive 0.5

  • Memewind_Gaming_420


    28 giorni fa

    Now we just need dts s3

  • Saurabh Chauhan

    Saurabh Chauhan

    28 giorni fa

    why there is not a single dharuvala montage..!! this is not done..



    28 giorni fa

    Anyone got excited because thought this was the drive to survive trailer?

  • Priyam Chaudhuri

    Priyam Chaudhuri

    28 giorni fa

    Get this on Netflix ffs!!!

  • rolf ski

    rolf ski

    28 giorni fa

    Unless your name is Max Verstappen and can completely skip this class altogether while still stirring up F1 right from the bat.

  • Mika Denke

    Mika Denke

    28 giorni fa

    Can't even watch it because there is no F1 TV available in my country. Super annoying.

  • mare tosevska

    mare tosevska

    28 giorni fa


  • Phil Master

    Phil Master

    28 giorni fa

    Great to see Juan Manuel Corea back in F3 next year i am sure he will make it into Formula 2 and in Formula 1 one day

    • McPlayer8t


      28 giorni fa

      That would be very poetic and I would be very happy for him, but don’t set your expectations too high, he has been through a lot physically and mentally. He has no expectations or pressure for the time being. I really hope he takes this year to get back into things and can challenge for results in the coming years. There is no doubting his talent, I just hope he’s still got it and it’s not another Kubica story.

  • sarmedi hutautara

    sarmedi hutautara

    28 giorni fa

    1:00 Thanks for including Gelael on the Trailer ;D

  • N 17

    N 17

    28 giorni fa

    Of course its not on Netflix...

  • The Sun

    The Sun

    28 giorni fa


  • Jebus


    28 giorni fa

    Better than drive to survive

  • Blame


    28 giorni fa

    "we are going to be more inclusive starting from 2020!" - exclusively on F1 TV.

  • Senior Dipshitter

    Senior Dipshitter

    28 giorni fa

    That's cool and all, but where is Drive to Survive S3?

    • The Dasilva 1080p Trap

      The Dasilva 1080p Trap

      28 giorni fa

      Not related, but I'm guessing there aren't many people over 30 in this comment section . 🤔 thought provoking.

  • Andrew Liu

    Andrew Liu

    28 giorni fa

    Drive F2 Survive?



    28 giorni fa

    Aarava Manuel pit driving like project cars 2 and different enginers red flag rear wing damage driver academy be able to like buy Renault as a b team last one realistic penalties because I was in a league race and under safety car someone brake checked me and I got the penalty

    • McPlayer8t


      28 giorni fa

      Why are you telling this to FORMULA 1? Go to the Codemasters website and give your feedback there.

  • José Dias

    José Dias

    28 giorni fa

    Go Drugovich!

  • Die Legende

    Die Legende

    28 giorni fa

    "The best drivers from junior categories" *and* Deledda who will make Lord Mahaveer look like a combination of all the best attributes of Hamilton, Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Lauda and Fangio

  • Soham Mhatre

    Soham Mhatre

    28 giorni fa

    All this drama only for Mazepin to get a seat whilst the likes of Shwartzman and Ilott aren't in it yet.

    • McPlayer8t


      28 giorni fa

      Shwartzman isn’t ready yet, he was really inconsistent, but I agree with Ilott. Mazepin was only 13 points behind Shwartzman, he is not a slow driver by any means, but yeah, Schumacher, Ilott and Yuki were the top 3.