Lewis Hamilton Wins On 3 Wheels! #Shorts

Pubblicato il 9 feb 2021
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The mark of a champ. Lewis Hamilton has signed a new contract that means he'll go for his 8th world title in 2021. On his way to No.7 in 2020, he somehow managed to hold on for victory at Silverstone on only 3 wheels - still hitting speeds of over 200 km/h on the final lap as he successfully held off the charging Max Verstappen.
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  • Sala Tino

    Sala Tino

    5 giorni fa

    Hamilton fantastic

  • Cool Dude

    Cool Dude

    6 giorni fa

    David said 'And he's got tyre problems as well'. That was to Carlos Sainz.

  • 151 Velmurugan P S

    151 Velmurugan P S

    11 giorni fa

    Reminds me of Lightning McQueen XD

  • Bharat Varshney

    Bharat Varshney

    12 giorni fa

    The calmness of Bono is amazing!!

  • Gordon Shamway

    Gordon Shamway

    13 giorni fa

    How is it even possible that they left him on the track? I don't understand. I think enough of Hamilton. We need to focus on better riders. For example Verstappen, Norris, Rusell because this is the future of F1

  • Perlita Poyser

    Perlita Poyser

    14 giorni fa

    Would of won with or without tyres, incredible human been, very very blessed 🙌🏼💪🏽🙏🏽❤

  • 藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    藍戰士Kit Kit Chan Isaac

    14 giorni fa

    2021:Lewis Hamilton wins with no engine power

  • D.S.


    15 giorni fa

    2022: Hamilton wins by pushing his car forward to the finish line

  • mir4x Hjx4

    mir4x Hjx4

    16 giorni fa

    Here my heart really stopped🙂💔🤧⚡⚡

  • I Tube

    I Tube

    16 giorni fa

    2022: Lewis wins the title without a contract.

  • Janardan S

    Janardan S

    16 giorni fa

    That's three tyres, not three wheels. You wanna see three wheels, look at Schumacher after the Coulthard crash, lad powered his car with pure rage lol

  • Dayne Phillips

    Dayne Phillips

    16 giorni fa

    30 second video with a 20 second forced ad. Makes sense.

  • 13ด.ช.ภัทรพล บริพันธกุล

    13ด.ช.ภัทรพล บริพันธกุล

    17 giorni fa

    Fantastic driving Luwis

  • 149-AR


    17 giorni fa

    This kid is just pure luck. No skill
    Hamilton the cheater

  • Justice Warrior

    Justice Warrior

    17 giorni fa

    Hamilton destroys his car in the last 10 laps and Toto gives him an F16 to finish the race

  • The frost Gamer

    The frost Gamer

    17 giorni fa

    Guys please see my channel🙏🥺

  • 0707 Kazu

    0707 Kazu

    18 giorni fa

    Dangerous driving

  • Kevin Grootenboer

    Kevin Grootenboer

    18 giorni fa

    Had zo niet door mogen rijden

  • Nan Xie

    Nan Xie

    18 giorni fa

    That’s amazing

  • Snow Rabbit

    Snow Rabbit

    18 giorni fa

    Brace yourself!
    F1 Hamilton is coming again 😴

  • Steve Martin

    Steve Martin

    18 giorni fa

    Cheat lady Hamilton cheats again

    • Jay T

      Jay T

      14 giorni fa

      How old are you? 6

  • Bandy Pákozdi

    Bandy Pákozdi

    18 giorni fa

    He is in the best car, so it is easy 😒

  • Himanshu Eklare

    Himanshu Eklare

    18 giorni fa

    Another easy title coming for LH n thats the 8th title .
    LH has lot more to come n lot of thing to do .

  • ZM Gamerz

    ZM Gamerz

    18 giorni fa

    Next Hamilton wins race no 4 wheels

  • Verza Jr.

    Verza Jr.

    18 giorni fa


  • Kindly Noob

    Kindly Noob

    18 giorni fa


  • Jarrod Davenport

    Jarrod Davenport

    18 giorni fa

    Love him or hate him, this was absolutely crazy

  • Kathryn Foster

    Kathryn Foster

    18 giorni fa

    All the angles, Kimi's mega save, Hungary 2016

  • Dr. Crab

    Dr. Crab

    18 giorni fa

    Le Drive to survive : We are going to make this look epic, loud suspense sound... Ratttaaa ttat tta, Extreme pressure...

  • Jared Salem

    Jared Salem

    18 giorni fa

    It says video is not available Does anyone know how to fix this

  • nfc14g


    18 giorni fa

    Legit not a lewis fan, when I saw the tyre go I was like, yasss half lap max.. but I was just left wondering hoow is that tyre holding together

  • Muhammad Haffejee

    Muhammad Haffejee

    18 giorni fa

    Lewis has and always will be petrified of verstappen . He knows who the better driver is just he’s glad he’s in the faster car

  • M S

    M S

    18 giorni fa

    - Å fan!

  • JOhn Lau

    JOhn Lau

    18 giorni fa

    2022 merc car drives itself

  • Pattot818


    18 giorni fa

    Formula 1 is still finding his way on Youtube, this is not what we want to see: bad aspect ratio and quality.

  • Deion D'souza

    Deion D'souza

    18 giorni fa

    Can anyone tell what's the text font they are using in the video for in screen captions? Just curious, thank you!!

  • Yaseen Sergawey

    Yaseen Sergawey

    18 giorni fa

    Ham: Bono ,My tires are gone
    Bono: oh no!! anyway....

  • Ben Lowther

    Ben Lowther

    18 giorni fa

    Say no to vertical video

  • Amy Williams

    Amy Williams

    18 giorni fa

    **** that was close

  • whiteandnerdytuba


    19 giorni fa

    Didn’t realize ya’ll only use phone cameras

  • S雄


    19 giorni fa

    2077 : Hamilton AI ver.1.00 wins the AI race.

  • Morizki Datuak

    Morizki Datuak

    19 giorni fa

    Can You Make Inside Tracks Monza 2019?

  • Bojan Marsetic

    Bojan Marsetic

    19 giorni fa

    too lazy to turn the phone or what...this generation is so fd.up. seriously

  • ExSapper Madman

    ExSapper Madman

    19 giorni fa

    If you can't beat the guy when he only has 3 wheels on his wagon.....

  • AronHallFPV


    19 giorni fa

    is there any other driver in history that has won f1 with a blown tire?? anybody know for sure?

  • Oxnard


    19 giorni fa

    And why is this in vvs?

  • Vectro42


    19 giorni fa

    2021 world champion 👏🏻😒

  • Sebastian Längle

    Sebastian Längle

    19 giorni fa


  • slothomatic


    19 giorni fa

    Why in the name of all things holy did you take 16:9 footage from the race and crop it to look like an idiot shot it vertically with their phone?

  • Ruwayfi


    19 giorni fa

    2025 : Hamilton wins without stepping in the car...

  • Axy Bømick

    Axy Bømick

    19 giorni fa


  • GozieZilla


    19 giorni fa

    This was so tense the guy forgot to wave the flag

  • Astorre Wills

    Astorre Wills

    19 giorni fa


  • Kashikoku Kyo

    Kashikoku Kyo

    19 giorni fa

    Bono... my tires are gone

  • Noctis Lupi

    Noctis Lupi

    19 giorni fa

    2025: Hamilton wins without car

  • Shirtless Banana

    Shirtless Banana

    19 giorni fa

    Didn’t Verstappen pit to get fastest lap, which basically cost him the win?

    • tailumani vaihu

      tailumani vaihu

      15 giorni fa

      Just curious...is the momentum lost in pitting took more then 7 seconds 🤔 coz if so then that hindsight stands to merit...

  • Dominick


    19 giorni fa

    2021: Hamilton wins without the the car

  • Henry John

    Henry John

    19 giorni fa

    i would say stop counting

  • Jacob Olson

    Jacob Olson

    19 giorni fa

    Lucky boy. Can’t believe the tyre never started to come apart could’ve easily torn his car apart at the speed he was doing. But sometimes drivers need luck too

  • David Cheong

    David Cheong

    19 giorni fa

    Nobody would like to see this

  • Cidy


    19 giorni fa


  • Explorer 6.180

    Explorer 6.180

    19 giorni fa

    It was like a bomb about to blow off.. My heart stopped when Bono said 7 seconds

  • 노세중


    19 giorni fa

    Can u explain what is Verstappen?

  • Maky 6969

    Maky 6969

    19 giorni fa

    F1 uploads a video.. only 360p video quality avail.

  • Thanasis Tzivanopoulos

    Thanasis Tzivanopoulos

    19 giorni fa

    Kids are simple things again this year, Lewis Hamilton will be a champion again, as long as he stays at Mercedes he will have championships 😉😉

  • Hamlet01


    19 giorni fa

    Should have been disqualified for failing to enter the pits.

    • stathis 97

      stathis 97

      19 giorni fa

      I understand how you mean it, but no. It wasn't dangerous driving, beacause there was nobody near him. If Verstappen, was close, he should let him pass with no fight

  • dxamonn


    19 giorni fa

    2022: hamilton wins without a car

  • Piotr Kobielus

    Piotr Kobielus

    19 giorni fa


  • F BN

    F BN

    19 giorni fa


  • Hadi Pawar

    Hadi Pawar

    19 giorni fa

    You could notice Bono's voice being calm to panic as he counts down the seconds gap to Max.

  • Neo


    19 giorni fa

    This was a joke

  • Reflexlwd


    19 giorni fa

    Luck of the champion.. bottas had a whole lap to complete, Hamilton was lucky as per usual that it happened in the last few corners.

  • Calum Smith

    Calum Smith

    19 giorni fa

    I mean I still had four wheels. He didn't just lose a wheel. He lost a tyre.

  • ln ltd

    ln ltd

    19 giorni fa

    2021: Hamilton wins without a car

  • Uche Presley

    Uche Presley

    19 giorni fa

    Just only for the stars and it happens in every 100yrs.

  • Bladezy_Wadezy


    19 giorni fa


  • The Nush

    The Nush

    19 giorni fa

    Lewis's CV be like " can win a race with 3tyres".
    And why wouldn't Mercedes sign him.?

    • Bwoah


      19 giorni fa

      they signed him.

  • Noah Eutermoser

    Noah Eutermoser

    19 giorni fa

    2022 hamilton retires from f1 😂

  • SirFlukealot Esquire

    SirFlukealot Esquire

    19 giorni fa

    Hamilton: Has 3 tyres
    Verstappen: Am sped

  • Fanaza


    19 giorni fa


  • Logan Powers

    Logan Powers

    19 giorni fa

    Cars 1 Predicted this race
    Lightning McQueen VS Lewis Hamilton

  • Ayub shaik

    Ayub shaik

    19 giorni fa

    I wonder why b&w flag wasn't shown for lewis

  • Palash Agrawal

    Palash Agrawal

    19 giorni fa

    2021: Hamilton wins without an contract.
    Ohhh....little late for this joke.

  • Typical Rain

    Typical Rain

    19 giorni fa

    Hamilton:Oh no
    Also Hamilton:Anyway

  • Grabek max

    Grabek max

    19 giorni fa

    Hamilton.... Hamilton..... Hamilton..... 🥱🤧....

  • Wilco Muurling

    Wilco Muurling

    19 giorni fa

    this is still a true testament not to lewis' skills, but to the OP that is the mercedes car, and the ease at which you can win races/championships with it...
    ANY other car cant make mistakes and only then fight for 3rd place, and the mercedes can spin, lose a wheel, botch pit-stop after pit-stop and still win.

    • Jenning


      19 giorni fa

      Tell that to Bottas and Russell. When they have problems they finish 8th and 9th. When Lewis has a bad race he usually finishes on the podium. If anything it’s a true testament to HIS skills.

  • Catherine Ndunguru

    Catherine Ndunguru

    19 giorni fa


  • Ryder XXX29

    Ryder XXX29

    19 giorni fa


  • Giovanni Romaggioli

    Giovanni Romaggioli

    19 giorni fa

    **** yes that was close...

  • Amritha Biju

    Amritha Biju

    19 giorni fa

    Hamilton : Bono my Tires are gone!!!
    (Proceeds to set the fastest lap)
    Russell : NO POWER!!!!!!
    (Also proceeds to set the fastest lap)
    Russell is the perfect successor 😀

  • SD Alexander

    SD Alexander

    19 giorni fa

    If that's not a case of making your own luck. I don't know what is!!

  • Damjan Stevanovic

    Damjan Stevanovic

    19 giorni fa

    4 wheels! Look again!

  • L TG

    L TG

    19 giorni fa

    Probably another merczzzzzzzdes year ..

  • NioPlays 10

    NioPlays 10

    19 giorni fa

    That scene in Cars 1 but its F1 and the broken wheel is at the front instead of the back

  • sphere 528

    sphere 528

    19 giorni fa

    this season it will only be two tires

  • Tomoko Kishi

    Tomoko Kishi

    19 giorni fa

    Hamilton: wins on three wheels.
    Hamilton 2025: wins with no engine.

  • sandeep b

    sandeep b

    19 giorni fa

    So what...i wish he can do it with williams.. otherwise he is a zero

  • Susruth Mahanti

    Susruth Mahanti

    19 giorni fa

    So this video is made just for an Instagram Story?

  • Vladimir Putin

    Vladimir Putin

    20 giorni fa

    Hamilton: wins with 3 tyres
    Riccardo: that's it i want 3 tyres in next season!
    Ferrari: 😂
    Renault: 😳

    • Nikt Ważny

      Nikt Ważny

      19 giorni fa

      Daniel is McLaren driver

  • Bullet Time

    Bullet Time

    20 giorni fa

    "7 seconds to versTAPPEN"