Top 10 Funniest F1 Press Conferences!

Pubblicato il 19 lug 2019
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Gentlemen, a short view back to the past...
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    Anno fa

    Which was your favourite moment? Let us know if you think there are any we should've included 😂

    • Altsu


      Giorno fa

      sebs bwoah

    • Panneer Selven

      Panneer Selven

      2 giorni fa

      Man I wish I could join formula racing

    • Rebecca Andriya

      Rebecca Andriya

      2 giorni fa

      Gentlemen, a short view back to the past....

    • Dave 117

      Dave 117

      5 giorni fa

      @Cpr1234 21

    • Arian Hajra

      Arian Hajra

      14 giorni fa

      "I am now 69" 1:32

  • killroy99999


    9 ore fa

    i like the part 3 because lando is crying.

  • Formula Rewind

    Formula Rewind

    20 ore fa

    But now only 5 years :)

  • Sprain Ankle

    Sprain Ankle

    20 ore fa

    Pure comedy gold...

  • Sprain Ankle

    Sprain Ankle

    20 ore fa

    Number 9 was confusing😂😂😂

  • Theak47forall


    Giorno fa

    Why do they allow people who clearly do not know English language to ask the questions ? It's so freaking bad.

  • Afonso Sniper

    Afonso Sniper

    2 giorni fa

    Who was the pilot from Mc laren in 2004 press at Canada

  • part of the group called people of the internet

    part of the group called people of the internet

    2 giorni fa

    8:11 "ayy yo Alonso McLaren honda is bacc come out of this garbage ferrari"

  • part of the group called people of the internet

    part of the group called people of the internet

    2 giorni fa

    7:02 aged like milk

  • Fresh Hunter

    Fresh Hunter

    3 giorni fa


  • hoilst


    3 giorni fa

    Ricardo: the Man. The Myth. The Quintessential Aussie Legend.

  • João Marcelo

    João Marcelo

    4 giorni fa


  • Jessica Evans

    Jessica Evans

    4 giorni fa

    That question was a long drawn out tongue twister on Juan’s name. But he should have stopped before he even said that I wouldn’t wish any harm on you or the car.

  • Enigmah999


    4 giorni fa

    The Montoya interview should have been number 1

  • Jay Mchelsea

    Jay Mchelsea

    4 giorni fa

    Lando and Ricciardo in one team will be interesting

  • Miggy Aviles

    Miggy Aviles

    4 giorni fa

    Lol Juan's answer isn't even conncected to the question.

  • Hariken


    5 giorni fa

    Ladies and Gentlemen, a short view back to the past...

  • Dan Shearing

    Dan Shearing

    5 giorni fa

    Lando had the bellies 😂

  • Nikolas Böpple

    Nikolas Böpple

    5 giorni fa

    3:46 Alonso: 👁👄👁



    5 giorni fa

    Formula Juan

  • Fexalan


    6 giorni fa

    4:08 salty lol

  • Anton Stampe

    Anton Stampe

    6 giorni fa

    1:01 Levis i vænt too Ræmind uou

  • yes no

    yes no

    6 giorni fa

    Legend says that old man is still formulating his next question to this day

  • Drawn


    7 giorni fa

    Aussies have the best sense of humour..

  • Sofia Parodi

    Sofia Parodi

    8 giorni fa

    funniest was def the 3rd

  • Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez

    8 giorni fa

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    8 giorni fa

    Gotta followup on that 10 years and 2 years timeline for the book

  • Joel Nawty

    Joel Nawty

    8 giorni fa

    I dont see how all of this is funny. some is bit dramatic. Get paid bucket loads, dream job and still have childish tantrums over something that will happen to all drivers. A crash.

  • Lambi Coquillard

    Lambi Coquillard

    8 giorni fa

    You missed the one with the mic of rosberg

  • logan traxler

    logan traxler

    9 giorni fa

    I know that these people are like millionaires but I never see f1 drivers being cocky like in nascar. They all just feel like high schoolers who have fun beating each other. I love it

  • Jinny Tay

    Jinny Tay

    9 giorni fa

    Before Bwoah you had Pwoah!

  • TheRunningmanz


    9 giorni fa

    Danny Ric in two of the top 3. Legend. 😂👍

  • Jon Dash

    Jon Dash

    9 giorni fa

    Now Lewis only has 5 years to publish his book

  • Arthur Bertemes

    Arthur Bertemes

    10 giorni fa

    well, we'll reach 5 years now... Where's the book Lewis?

    • Henry Collins

      Henry Collins

      9 giorni fa

      He’s working on a masterpiece...

  • Tom Bystander

    Tom Bystander

    11 giorni fa

    So glad fernando is back😭😭

  • Cam Spriggs

    Cam Spriggs

    11 giorni fa

    4:38 Had me rolling on the floor!

  • Darth Bane

    Darth Bane

    11 giorni fa

    Walter koster is like the highlight of every season for me

  • Mario Hrvačić

    Mario Hrvačić

    11 giorni fa

    Can you repeat your question? 😂😂😂😂

  • Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes

    Enilsa Inácio Pereira Lopes

    11 giorni fa

    Eddie I'm sorry

  • I solemly swear

    I solemly swear

    12 giorni fa

    My comfort video will always be the pubegate interview

  • giorgos.gp08


    13 giorni fa

    1:00 he seems a nice guy and I feel bad when they laugh at him

  • LokoGames


    13 giorni fa

    So Ferrari is doing Antics with their drivers for at least 13 years then.
    Ferrari next incident probably will be "We forgot to design this year car"

  • M M

    M M

    13 giorni fa

    Can you repeat the question 😂

  • TheHandyGuy


    13 giorni fa

    These Asians reporters really like telling stories

  • Maciej Wiśniewski

    Maciej Wiśniewski

    14 giorni fa

    Who is alongside Schumacher in number 7?

  • Michel Germano

    Michel Germano

    14 giorni fa

    Kiviat,Lewis,Daniel and whos the other guy ??? At 07:35

  • Screamin Eyescreem

    Screamin Eyescreem

    14 giorni fa

    I love how whenever Alonso on he's either instigating, or just sitting back with the biggest smile on his face... enjoying the drama. So funny.

  • Jade Smith

    Jade Smith

    15 giorni fa

    Daniel Riccardo is a legend 🤣😂

  • LittleTimmyJr


    15 giorni fa

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  • MandoMonge


    16 giorni fa

    “Funny” but it’s awkward yabs at each other

  • Lucas Renaud

    Lucas Renaud

    16 giorni fa

    9:30 Le-gen-da-ry!

  • Izabelly cristiana Iza

    Izabelly cristiana Iza

    16 giorni fa

    6:00 oque aconteceu aqui o cara ficou rindo a entrevista inteira descontroladamente Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • Carrie Douglas

    Carrie Douglas

    16 giorni fa

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  • Carrie Douglas

    Carrie Douglas

    16 giorni fa

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  • Peter Ernst

    Peter Ernst

    16 giorni fa

    7:35 I feel so bad for Pascal. I mean he was the one who gave Seb a ride home after he crashed with Stroll.

  • Strongboy 72

    Strongboy 72

    16 giorni fa

    Daniel is a shitstirrer man. Seb not far behind him.

  • dot


    17 giorni fa

    Australians are just more annoying versions of British people

  • Back Door

    Back Door

    17 giorni fa

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  • Jando Jandini

    Jando Jandini

    17 giorni fa

    I want to see the answer of the last one. no kidding

  • David Salazar

    David Salazar

    18 giorni fa

    Can you repeat the question?

  • jane lavie

    jane lavie

    18 giorni fa

    They’ve cut no. 6 too early. Häkkinen comes back within seconds with an empty jug...

  • sokrusound


    18 giorni fa

    04:00 Alonso (front right) is just enjoying the situation trying not to laugh, and Kimi is trying to figure out when he has time to go to a barber...

  • jeffery wade

    jeffery wade

    18 giorni fa

    Can you repeat the ? LOL

  • Angelo Mendonca

    Angelo Mendonca

    18 giorni fa

    Only 5 more years now till Lewis’ book

  • smithieboy10


    18 giorni fa

    Seb was do sweet there at the end 😆

  • Jo Jo

    Jo Jo

    18 giorni fa

    7:02 we all know how it ended 😂🤣

  • LittleTimmyJr


    18 giorni fa

    The zealous step-aunt radiographically jam because raincoat hopefully cough underneath a belligerent discussion. pale, garrulous creek

  • Abraham Zacarias

    Abraham Zacarias

    19 giorni fa

    juan, one, formula one, round one, juan?

  • Peter Hazzard

    Peter Hazzard

    19 giorni fa

    Man Daniel is funny as always

  • Gracie Rodriguez

    Gracie Rodriguez

    19 giorni fa

    The greedy organization contextually print because land plausibly relax toward a tan sousaphone. rotten, tangible throat

  • Boobs Daily

    Boobs Daily

    19 giorni fa

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  • Haaris


    20 giorni fa

    1:02 spectator.exe has stopped working

  • Mate M&M

    Mate M&M

    20 giorni fa

    Some of those interviewers shouldn't even be allowed into the conference room with such a low english skills. It's a disgrace, no matter how popular they are in their local tiny press-worlds

  • PD TV

    PD TV

    20 giorni fa

    I wanna read a book by Lewis...

  • Gokhan J. Yenigun

    Gokhan J. Yenigun

    20 giorni fa

    Imagine what it takes to have a nickname 'torpedo' lol!

  • damudread


    20 giorni fa

    9:01 Formula 1 doesnt have 20 buttons it had one Jenson Button whi is seated next to Alonzo in this video

  • fdsjlaf


    21 giorno fa

    What a troll! 5:25, "I'm in a presser!"

  • Heyitsmatt


    21 giorno fa

    Can we just acknowledge the surprise in the drivers’ faces when someone says their names.

  • Reinaldo Cordero

    Reinaldo Cordero

    21 giorno fa

    Lando and Daniel should be the #1!!!!! Oh man 😂

  • Yuuki the Handyfox

    Yuuki the Handyfox

    21 giorno fa

    Gentlemen, a short view back to the past.

  • Nick Heebsh

    Nick Heebsh

    22 giorni fa

    That's nasty. Some kids at my college got meningitis from drinking beer from an old boot.

  • krish kuckian

    krish kuckian

    22 giorni fa

    Juan One 1 Huan Wan Vaan Van Uan Juan Juan

  • Val Nery

    Val Nery

    22 giorni fa

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  • bbb kkk

    bbb kkk

    23 giorni fa

    Daniel is just funny

  • Rosemary Kyler

    Rosemary Kyler

    23 giorni fa

    Hey guys I have Luis Hamiltons number it's for his fans only so if your interested say hi?

  • Alfredo Mondragón

    Alfredo Mondragón

    23 giorni fa

    Lo mejor es que Lewis dice que no tomaría del zapato de Ricciardo en el podio y en 2020 lo hizo

  • Thea Liezl R Pablo

    Thea Liezl R Pablo

    23 giorni fa

    Someone tell me how the gentleman from 1:04 and 8:16 is doing? (I’m assuming its the same person).
    Would be nice if he’s still there during press conferences.

    • Liam Morast

      Liam Morast

      21 giorno fa

      His name is Walter Koster and he still shows up from time to time!

  • Lileisaa__


    23 giorni fa

    Well,riccardo and lando are now teammates,and Hamilton drank from riccardos shoes..ahh how the tables turned

  • Rifqi Naufal

    Rifqi Naufal

    23 giorni fa

    That smile... That kimi smile

  • eirene boeralis

    eirene boeralis

    23 giorni fa

    daniel and lando best duo

  • W0lF


    23 giorni fa

    Gentlemen, a short view back to to the past!

  • snugglelicious


    24 giorni fa

    Can you play golf with my mum this afternoon?
    He said no!
    I'm crying with laughter😂

  • 27. Sinta Adiswastika 5-04

    27. Sinta Adiswastika 5-04

    24 giorni fa

    4:00 kimi & alonso stuck in awkward situation

  • Derek Dickinson

    Derek Dickinson

    24 giorni fa

    Gentlemen. . .

  • Tom Beattie

    Tom Beattie

    25 giorni fa

    Kimi desperately trying not to smile at 4:04

  • i.e.m.


    26 giorni fa

    That old guy cracks me up

  • Dimitri Jensk

    Dimitri Jensk

    27 giorni fa

    7:00 who’s here after Hamilton’s shoey? XD

  • Luca Simo

    Luca Simo

    27 giorni fa

    Press conferences > drive 2 survive

  • clay culture

    clay culture

    28 giorni fa

    Lewis thought the interviewer was about to make a racist comment.

  • Rishi Kane

    Rishi Kane

    28 giorni fa

    Max's crying sound sounded like a formula one car switchin gears on its own tbh ( 6:05 )

    • Rishi Kane

      Rishi Kane

      26 giorni fa

      @JJ Holland oops sorry

    • JJ Holland

      JJ Holland

      26 giorni fa

      Max? You mean Lando?